Residential Cleaning

A clean home is a happy and healthy home. With the help of our Comfort Cleaning Service team, you’ll enjoy the many benefits of a deeply cleaned carpet and flooring system, bathroom, kitchen, and more! Our cleaning agents are tough on dirt but are safe to have inside and around your home. Your pets and loved ones will notice no harsh chemical smells once were through, only the clean air that comes with a clean home. Call our team today in Chester, NY to get started!

Retail & Office Cleaning

To make sure your office and retail space seems approachable and enjoyable for customers and clients alike, look no further than Comfort Cleaning Service. Our qualified team is thoroughly trained so that no matter the size of your property, every single inch will be cleaned. With an attention to detail and a passion for making every spot shine, we guarantee you a retail and office cleaning that is sure to impress.

Post-Construction Cleaning

The last thing any construction site needs before deemed complete is a deep cleaning. Our professional team takes their time making sure that all dust, rogue nails and screws, and everything else is in place and cleared out before the site is shown to potential buyers. Let us be the cleaning contractors you trust with our top-quality equipment and cleaning agents. Let your place look magazine worthy with the help of Comfort Cleaning Service.

Property Management Cleaning

We are a property manager’s secret weapon because we truly understand the renter/occupancy business inside and out. We can help clean so that from empty to occupy, all details are cleaned perfectly. With years of experience, we know what works for you! Our team will create a customized cleaning plan that will meet your facility’s wants and requirements. Ranging from a 10-20 unit sized project, we are ready to become your day porter service for all of your property management needs!

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